Self Assess, Measure & Take Action

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Report your symptoms in your natural everyday language

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Understand your symptoms with clinical insight

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Get navigated to the right care option

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Continuous care engagement and feedback


Care Outreach

  • Schedule suggested care options on your preferred schedule and preferred means such as messaging, audio, video and walk-in’s
  • Share records and information from multiple sources securely with multiple providers by granting access
  • Get referred to further care and management with synchronised record across the whole care episode of multiple encounters

Health & Wellness Repository

  • Secure health & wellness information repository
  • Aggregate everything related to health and wellness in one place
  • Control, decide and share categorised information by allowing access to providers upon request
  • Manage family health information with dependant records
  • Be prompted with appropriate information from you care providers and employers
  • Be more informed with relevant information to you and your family members