Platform for Innovation

optimize data of usage

Optimize Data for Usage

  • Optimize Data for Usage
  • Data normalisation in real time
  • Actionable Data for the various stakeholders driving value
innovation ecosystem

Innovation Ecosystem

  • Standard set of APIs against which developers can write their applications
  • Ability for application to developers to scale beyond one deployment
  • Support & Feedback Loops
build for growth

Built for Growth

  • Fast development of new (custom) data models with APIs
  • Fast time to value of new features
  • Scalable beyond today’s traditional data sets
privacy security

Privacy & Security

  • Only authorised systems and users can access information
  • Ability to segment and apply privacy

Platform Services

API based access

Full API or App Based Access

ehr integrations

EHR Integrations

role based dashboards

Role Based Dashboards

validated content

Clinically Validated Mature Content


Scalable from Small to Large Enterprises

evolving interface

Evolving Interface R&D

standard compliance

Industry Standards Compliance

health cloud

Health Cloud

  • Industry Standards Compliance – HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, ISO etc., for enhanced patient safety
  • Ensuring heightened security
  • Scalable with flexible delivery
  • Cost-efficient & enabling all stakeholders
  • Unified view of FHIR, HL7v2 and DICOM data
  • Store, manage and generate actionable insights for better patient outcomes